Virus Test Center
University of Hamburg
Computer Science Department

Anti-Virus Scanner-Tests Pre-released Test Report 2000-02

Detailed information about the test, its methods and viral databases, as well as detailed test results are available for anonymous FTP downloading from:

Inside the ZIP file, you can find the following documents:

  1. Latest Notes
  2. Executive Summary of Pre-released Test Report 2000-02
  3. Description of the files included in the test documentation
  4. Detailed results: DOS Macro Virus/Malware Pre-released Test Results
  5. Detailed results: Windows 98 Macro/Malware Pre-released Test Results
  6. Detailed results: Windows NT Macro/Malware Pre-released Test Results
  7. Disclaimer: About usage of this document

Saturday February 26, 2000 (KBru)