Virus Test Center
University of Hamburg
Computer Science Department

"Heureka" AntiVirus Tests July 2001

published on July 17, 2001

Detailed information about the test, its methods and viral databases, as well as detailed test results are available for anonymous FTP download from:

Inside the ZIP file, you can find the following documents (which you can also read "online"):

  1. Latest Notes
  2. Executive Summary of Test Report 2001-07
  3. Description of the files included in the test documentation
  4. Evaluation of results and Grading of Windows-NT products
  5. Detailed results: Windows-NT Macro and Script Virus and Malware Test Results
  6. Problems and Bugs experienced during Tests
  7. List of scanners/versions, including info on producer
  8. Index and content of Testbeds
  9. List of Codenames for AV Products in VTC tests
  10. Disclaimer: About usage of this document

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