Virus Test Center
Universität Hamburg
Fachbereich Informatik

Anti-Virus Scanner-Tests October 1998

Detailed information about the test, its methods and viral databases, as well as detailed test results are available for anonymous FTP downloading from:

Inside the ZIP file, you can find the following documents:

  1. Latest Notes
  2. Executive Summary of Test Report 1998-10
  3. Discription of the files included in the test documentation
  4. Background, aims of this Test
  5. Introduction: background, aims, development of VTC Tests
  6. Conditions which a scanner must fulfill in order to be tested
  7. Detailed description of VTC virus testing protocol
  8. Overview tables
  9. Detailed results: DOS File Virus and Malware Test Results
  10. Detailed results: DOS Boot Virus Test Results
  11. Detailed results: DOS Macrovirus and Malware Test Results
  12. Detailed results: Windows 95 File, Macro and Malware Test Results
  13. Detailed results: Windows 98 File, Macro and Malware Test Results
  14. Detailed results: Windows NT File, Macro and Malware Test Results
  15. Detailed results: Comparison of 32-Bit (Win95, Win98, WinNT) Test Results
  16. Evaluation of results, Grading
  17. Problems and Bugs experienced during Tests
  18. Summary, Future Test Plans, and Final Comment
  19. "In-The-Wild" of PC Viruses (April 1998:
  20. List of scanners/versions, including info on producer
  21. Index of Boot, File and Macro Virus Databases, both full and "In-The-Wild", Malware Databases, and Index of Non-Viral/Non-Malicous objects used in false-positive test (all pkZIPped)
  22. Disclaimer: About usage of this document